Get to know Big Bear on horseback! Some of the greatest advantages of touring by horse is that your horse does all of the hard work! You'll also have more opportunities to enjoy the scenic surroundings, and be able to cover a lot more ground.

Baldwin Lake Stables has been serving the Big Bear Lake community for 25 years! Located on the east end of the Valley, it offers rides to suit all ability levels and interests, including sunset rides.

Three horse riders at sunset

The stables are open year-round, giving riders a chance to experience a horseback adventure in any season. Winter trips offer awe-inspiring views of the snowy landscape while autumn rides are highlighted by the splendor of fall colors. Spring and summer tours are also great with the mild weather, beautiful greenery, and clear blue skies.

Equestrian Camping

If you're bringing your own horses to town, explore these campgrounds designated to horseback riding:

Big Pine Equestrian Group Campground
Green Spot Equestrian Group

Horseback riding is also allowed on most Big Bear Trails. See our Hiking Page for a list of trails or stop into our Visitor Center to ask our helpful staff!