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Traveling Vietnam Wall - Sept 26-28, 2013

On September 26-28, 2013, Big Bear will remember the men and women who served with an 80 percent scale replica version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall that stretches 360 feet and contains every single name etched on the original.

Traveling Vietnam Wall

It is the largest replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which will be on display at Meadow Park, 41220 Park Avenue in Big Bear Lake. The wall display will open to the public Thursday, September 26 to Saturday, September 28 with 24/7 viewing during those dates.

There are many people who have ties to the military and the community of Big Bear feels it's important to have a memorial tribute to create awareness for the men and women who help protect this great country.

The Traveling Vietnam Wall will be on display for people who have friends or family that served in the military to pay homage, honor and respect to our country's fallen heroes. It is especially beneficial for those who are not able to travel to Washington DC to do so. On Saturday, September 28 there is a grand ceremony with keynote speaker Col. Paul Cook (USMC ret.), U.S. Congressman and other dignitaries to honor our American heroes.

The total "Cost of Freedom" exhibit includes:

    • The Traveling Wall – an 80% replica Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall (360ft long/8ft tall at apex) with flag display flown over the Wall (14 flags total)

     • 190ft of additional stand up displays honoring all veterans and those serving today. Displays include:

     o Presidents with photo.
     o Ranks and Medals/Awards.
     o WWII timeline/ casualties by country/ pictorials o Korean War timeline and battle maps/ pictorials/Medal of Honor recipient lists
     o Vietnam War timelines
     o U.S. conflicts and casualties listing from 1980 to 2000- Operation Eagle Claw, El Salvador Civil War, the Invasion of Grenada, Marine barracks Bombing in Beirut, Operation El Dorado Canyon, USS Stark, Invasion of Panama, Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, Somalia, Khobar, Saudi Arabia, & USS Cole
     o 9/11- Pentagon, Flight 93, Tower 1, & Tower 2 casualty listings
     o Global War on Terror- collection of individual engraved gold dog tags
     o Ft. Hood victim names and photos o Police & Firefighter Pictorials and casualties by state
     o FBI casualty listing.
     o Panels and statistics of WWI, Spanish American War, Korean War, Civil War-North & South, WWII, Desert Storm, War of 1812, Vietnam War, Mexican War, American Revolution, Cost of Freedom & U.S. Conflicts

    Download pdf of event info here. Traveling Vietnam Wall coming to Big Bear
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