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Spring Recreation

Opportunities bloom.

Hop into spring and embrace the sights and sounds of the pine-scented forest rustling from under its snowy winter wrap. We promise outdoor fun doesn’t melt with the snow. Now the hills are alive with sounds of birds chirping and a kaleidoscope of wildflowers blooming alongside the trails. Tune-in to nature’s melodic sounds of quacking ducks and water lapping the shore. More...

Bike along miles of wooded mountain trails or take a scenic path that skirts the lake's edge. Pedal at a leisurely pace, and feel the gentle mountain breezes rejuvenate your senses.

Bring your tackle, because springtime offers ideal fishing conditions. Trout and bass will gulp just about anything in their path after a long winter’s rest. The lake is thriving with rainbow trout, which makes great fishing for little tykes to the most seasoned fisherman.

Hang on as you splash through puddles on bumpy roads with a guided off-road jeep tour through the spectacular backcountry, steeped in history. Hear stories about the gold mining days and visit historic points of interest.

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