Gold Rush Mining Co.

  • 40016 Big Bear Blvd.
  • Big Bear Lake, California 92315
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Visit the Valley's only attraction honoring Big Bear's rich gold mining history! Once the most prosperous mining area during the Gold Rush; you can strike it rich when you mine for treasures of your very own at Gold Rush Mining Adventures!

Gold Rush Mining Adventures is a unique and immersive attraction and gift store dedicated to mining and elements of the Earth. Visitors get the opportunity to mine for treasures in a themed exploration. You'll be digging from a pit, excavating from hardened materials, seizing items from hidden spaces, cracking open your own geode, or pan for gold in a running water sluice. Best of all, you'll take home all the treasure you find!

Knowledgeable staff will also help you discover personalized gem stones specific to your astrological sign, birth month and planetary stone. We'll help you identify your numerology gemstone, gain insight into chakra and healing gemstones, and help you understand your aura and how colors affect your body!

There's truly something for everyone at Gold Rush Mining Adventures!