Pineknot Trailhead signage

Getting Ready For The Winter Season

Posted: 10/10/11 | By Daniel

How do you get pumped for the coming winter season?

I had a chance to take a good, long mountain bike ride this weekend making me ponder about the upcoming winter season. Trails were in terrific shape from all the rain and snow we received last week, including the classics: 1E01 (Pine Knot); Trick or Treat; Plantation; and Wet Dream. We even encountered snow in a few permanently shaded spots. But most spectacular: from Grand View Point San Gorgonio's prominent ridgeline was covered in snow. It almost looked skiable. In fact, it got me thinking about the coming ski and snowboard season. I admit - just looking at the slightest bit of white on a high peak got me a little pumped for the winter season; the sort of excitement that comes from sitting through Warren Miller's latest pre-season flick.

It also got me thinking: How do you get pumped for the coming winter season? Do you head to your local ski and snowboard shop to look at the latest equipment? Do you read gear reviews from your favorite manufacturers? Do you quote classic lines from "Hot Dog"? (My choice: "You may ski on zat side or on zat side, but stay out of the meedle!")

Earning my turns,

Glade Girl