Aerial View of China Islands on Big Bear Lake

Unique And Fun Summer Activities

Posted: 08/05/15 | By Tina Hauer

Big Bear has over 22 miles of lakeside shoreline and temps averaging 85 degrees, you can beat the heat with unique outdoor activities all summer.

The last month of summer vacation is here! It's time to set up the BBQs and stick your feet in the lake! Summer in California offers a unique advantage over other states - we have plenty of seasons and varied destinations including Big Bear Lake located in sunny Southern California! With over 22 miles of lakeside shoreline and with temperatures never soaring higher than an average 85 degrees, you can beat the heat in this small mountain town, starting with numerous unique and fun outdoor activities all summer long.

Let's take a look at some of these unique summer activities Big Bear has to offer:

Action Tree Climbing

Action Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing by Action Tours – Ever wanted to face the treetops and gaze at the land beyond? Then climb a tree! New to the valet this year, Action Tours offers yet another hands-on-friendly-adventure in the Big Bear Lake area. Their motto is safety first, fun second. Tree rope climbing is 3 hour guided tour, and a must for all adventure-seekers looking just to "hang out" this summer in Big Bear.

Wakeboarding – Our marina's offer training and a certified boat driver in order to get the most fun out of Wakeboarding. You will learn how to stand on the wake board and learn all the tips and tricks of the wake boarding trade in order to have the most fun on the water!

Fly boarding by Action Tours – If you are looking for a trip on the waters of pristine Big Bear Lake, look no further than the Fly boarding adventure for the ultimate lakeside thrill. Be propelled into the air by jets of water streaming from your hands and an experience a new way to fly. Taking notes from the popular series "Iron Man" you can be just like your favorite hero and "Fly" around on the waters. There are trained handlers with every flight, and starts at $135 per person. Action Tours also offers a military discount for all you thrill seekers!


Big Bear Jeep Experience - Off Roading

Off-Roading Jeeps and Tours - The Big Bear Jeep Experience and Big Bear Off-Road Adventures offer two different off-road tours. For the Big Bear Jeep Experience tours, depending on age and experience, YOU get to drive the Jeep and follow the tour guide. Places such as Holcomb Valley and Skyline are up for exploration! They even offer a kid friendly mining experience. The trails they take you on go from mild to rugged and is considered an ultimate off-roading experience in the valley. The Big Bear Off-Road Adventures is a year round 4 wheel drive tour with group discounts available as well as different tours for all types of participants ranging from small to old. They take you on a Pinzgauer vehicle and can enjoy the sights of Wild Horse Meadow, Lodgepole Pine and many more on this terrific trip.

Helicopter Big Bear – If you're looking for the ultimate thrill, look no further than 2-3 personal helicopter tour around the valley and back again. They consider themselves Big Bear’s most unique attraction and offer an aerial view like no others. Pricing starts at just $35 per person and seeing the sights from high above will make you come back and explore more from the ground. Take a new tour during each trip to Big Bear Lake, such as Tour Tango or Alpha. With your expert guides, Big Bear Lake has never looked better!