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Can You Escape? Test Your Skills.

Posted: 09/30/16 | By Kelly Garfield

You'll want to ESCAPE from your city as soon as you hear about "Mountain Room Escape" attraction that is now located in Big Bear Lake, California!

You'll want to ESCAPE from your city as soon as you hear about the all NEW "Mountain Room Escape" attraction located in Big Bear Lake, California! Nestled high at 7,000 feet you'll be surrounded among tall pines and a glistening lake both cozy and seduced by a city with sun and fun on the mind! It's rare to find a summertime activity open for all four seasons - but the Mountain Room Escape - happens to be one of them!

Now, you may not have heard of a "Room Escape" before today, but they are currently popular in larger cities, for groups and parties as well as casual friends and couples who want to do a very different and unique activity. Time passes quickly during this activity but it's money well spent on a new adventure! Let's talk for a little bit about how this adventure actually works:

The "Room Escape" is a theatrically dressed room or multiple connected rooms designed throughout with puzzles and unique games to solve in order for you and your group to exit the room. There is no sense of danger in the actual room, as one can always break free if needed for a bathroom break. Of course, actual damage to the room is not allowed. However, you are encouraged to pick-up, move items, open them - all in your quest to compete with a timer and exit the room as swiftly as you can. It's all about working together and being a team. With just an hour (thankfully, the most time allotted in the industry) on the timer to escape the room's puzzles, you will have a lot of fun trying to get the pieces to function and work together - just like with a team! Everyone should have a duty - you search for clues, the kids can put them together, your wife or husband can try scouring the shelves for useful items and everyone can partake in solving the riddles. Without giving too much away, this activity is a real delight! Adults and kids both love the teamwork that evolves from try to escape a room together! Each time you "Escape" there is even a little story involved. When I tested it out, our story was how we were trapped under snowfall in a little house and needed to escape it. Of course, there wasn't any actual snow falling in June, but that's why you must use your imagination! Don't worry, they put on a good show complete with sound effects!

Their statistics show that they have a 73% escape rate with a 33% of guests not escaping the rooms. You go into the themed room for an hour, with every minute being a point. If you get stumped about the room or what to do next, a helpful voice can be summoned to assist you. Just keep in mind, it lowers your points! However, it seems better to have lower points and actually escape the room than stay stuck inside. After all, the idea of the game is to ESCAPE not STAY! In order to receive a clue on what to do next in the room, all of your party members have to gather in the middle of the room, hands in air, and ask for a clue in agreement as a team. Of course, you lose five points taking the clue. But, it's definitely worth it to escape the room as fast as you can. If you can finish and exit the room fast with time left on the clock, the kind owners will allow your group to explore the bonus room for bonus points by completely puzzles and using devices as long as you finish within twenty minutes.

Here are some tips and pointers we found helpful during our Mountain Room Escape visit:

  • Eight (8) guests are allowed in the room.
  • Items may be used in time and not necessarily right when you locate them.
  • Any and all items that look usable or interesting are set in a pile in the middle of the room to locate easier and faster later.
  • Keep in mind that everything on the walls stays on. No vandalism allowed.
  • Don't duplicate. Every puzzle has a solution. It won't help to guess random words or shapes.
  • UV lights are common...
  • Communicate! Multiple minds bring good times!
  • They offer a generous amount of free snacks and water for the whole team! Stay hydrated and you'll think better during your escape.
  • You can also purchase an annual pass!

The Escape Room can also accommodate specific needs - everything from Birthday parties to corporate events. So far, the fastest team to escape the room was a group from New York City whom escaped in the first twenty minutes. Beat that! Later this year, Mountain Room Escape plans to offer themed Escape rooms depending on holidays. If you really love the Room Escape and need to come back, please allow at least a four hour notice so Matt (the owner) can re-arrange the room to treat you with a totally different experience if you have already visited that day. It's totally worth the escape - err - wait!

Mountain Room Escape is a fun, unique experience! With changing scenarios and a great ambience, the owners of The Room Escape have made a dedicated space for both the young and old(er) to greatly enjoy some wholesome fun. Younger kids participating will also have the benefit of learning longer comprehension skills and attention spans through playing and can help kids get a better education.

Want to save money? If you visit the Big Bear Lake local Visitor's Center, you can pick-up a brochure for $5 off Mountain Room Escape. If three people in your group check into Facebook before you begin your Escape, you get three (3) free clues. It's definitely worth it as the bonus items are: something to write with, a free clue and a bonus point key.

The Room Escape is definitely one of the coolest, more innovative events Big Bear has seen in along time - go check it out today or all year long!

Mountain Room Escape is located at 1121 West Big Bear Blvd. in Big Bear City, CA, 92314. You can call to book your appointment at: (877) 584-6427 to speak to their office front desk. You can visit their website at for more tour information and pricing.

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