Pebble plains flowers bloom in Big Bear

Summer Biking And Wildflowers In Big Bear

Posted: 06/22/12 | By Daniel

Spring is stepping aside and beginning to let summer take over, but the forest is still ablaze in color and the flowers of the Big Bear Valley are as big and beautiful as ever.

mountain biking and wildflowers in Big Bear Lake

As much as I love ripping the sweet Big Bear single-track, I can't help but stop and check out the flowers that line the trails.

Mountain biking in the Big Bear Valley is so much more than riding as fast as you can. It's so much fun to just cruise along, scanning the forest for interesting sights that you wouldn't notice at race pace. Don't get me wrong, the racing up here rivals anywhere in the world, but taking it slow and enjoying the scenery has it's rewards that might not hang in a trophy case but could surely hang in a picture frame.

If you're coming to Big Bear for the mountain biking, remember to hurry up and slow down.

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