The Big Bear Helicopter prepares for a landing at Big Bear Airport

Helicopter Tours And Airplane Flights Get Above It All

Posted: 04/12/13 | By Daniel

The spring season is great to experience on the ground, but have you ever wondered what Big Bear might look like from a bird's eye view?

Well, it is easy now with a helicopter tour or single wing airplane flight that will take you high above the Big Bear Valley floor.Helicopter Big Bear tours and the more recent Fly Big Bear Today Airplane flights (same owner and operator) offer various tours ranging from approximately 20 miles (15 minutes) to 60 miles (45 minutes). Get ready to see popular landmarks in the San Bernardino Mountains from Big Bear Lake to Lake Arrowhead all from a completely different view.

Some of the obvious sites you will see are both ski resorts (Snow Summit & Bear Mountains), the Big Bear Village, Big Bear Discovery Center, The Solar Observatory, and a grand view scale of Big Bear Lake. In fact, now that the marinas are open, it gives a more spectacular ambiance with colorful boat docks that etch into the shimmering water. And you will see fishing boats below cruising around and searching for rainbow trout.

Some of the helicopter tours and airplane flights will show the wow factor of Mount San Gorgonio, which still has a solid snow pack, or you could choose to go further east to see magnificent display of the Johnson Valley and other desert locations in the Mojave region.

Big Bear helicopter tours and Airplane flights

The main thing is to get above it all to see these spectacular sites. You will get to see miles upon miles of 360 degrees of gorgeous mountain scenery. The pilot of the helicopter tours and airplane flights is quite the character too, and he is very professional and courteous! It is well worth it.

Springtime in Big Bear offers spectacular weather to enjoy. That is of course if you like clear blue skies, a brisk nip in the air, and the fresh scent of pine trees. The surrounding environment is starting to shine in more ways than one. The lake is sparkling like a blue jewel, the evergreens are showing vibrant greens, belly flowers are blossoming near Baldwin Lake, the wildlife is coming to life after a long winter's rest, and people are walking around the Village in bright spring attire.

The one thing you want to do during your helicopter tour or airplane flight is to take pictures. These pics will give you bragging rights on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Your friends will be astounded by the scenic wonders that you share on your social media sites!

Get above it all,

Daniel Pea