A snowman on the lake shore

Snow Was Invented For Fun!

Posted: 02/05/13 | By Daniel

Let's face it there is a kid in all of us, & there is no better way to capture the thrill of child's snow play and fun like tubing down a snow-covered hill.

The winter season is well underway now, and Big Bear's two snow play inner tube parks are brimming with snow. It's an open invitation for Southern California families and anyone driving through the region to come up and have fun all day!

Alpine Slide inner tubing hill
Inner tubers slide down a snowy hill

Snow was invented for one reason, and that reason was to have fun! Not everyone has the skills or patience to learn skiing or snowboarding, but sledding and inner tubing is something anyone can do. The best part is Big Bear Snow Play and Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain even make an outing in the snow even more fun because both snow play parks provide a Magic Carpet ride to the top of the hills. Big Bear is fortunate to have not one, but two inner tube parks that have ample parking, maintained facilities, a friendly staff to keep the fun safeguarded, and best of all thick layers of snow that are groomed daily. In addition, both Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain and Big Bear Snow Play are the only inner tube parks in Southern California that have Magic Carpet uphill lifts that transport riders to the top of the mountain. Each Magic Carpet ride is a large moving conveyor belt, similar to an airport terminal people-mover. The purpose of Magic Carpet rides is to eliminate the stress of climbing the hill, which in turn provides more opportunity for having fun. With a Magic Carpet lift, folks can get more tubing in an hour than they would in a whole day if they were walking.

This year there are new improvements at both snow play areas that make it even more comfortable for families. This year Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain has remodeled its base lodge with radiant floor heat and an expanded deck and snack bar, making it much roomier and overall more comfy. One of the key upgrades at Big Bear Snow Play is a newly paved parking lot, which provides more parking area and smoother surface for vehicles.

Right now the base at both snow play parks is well over 10 feet of snow. Every night the snow gets groomed at both areas to ensure the best possible conditions for guests that enjoy evenly-spread corduroy for their fast-paced downhill adventure!

If you haven't got your snow fix yet or need to get a snow day in than inner tubing is the answer. The snow season will go through April, so make plans now to bring the kiddies up and have a great time! It's memories that will last a lifetime.

Come up and Play,

Daniel Pea