Winter view of Snow Summit from the lake shore

Mother Nature Is Awake With Fresh Snowfall

Posted: 02/15/12 | By Daniel

Mother Nature has wakened from her rest and is powdering the mountain tops with a sugary coat of fresh snowfall!

Wednesdays are a great day for fresh snowfall in Big Bear; because it gives you an opportunity to suddenly come down with the flu for the following Thursday and Friday. For those of you who have sick days to use, now is the time to call it in, because the fresh powder is now at Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

If for some reason you are not able to get up to Big Bear on a weekday, then make a pact now with your friends and family to ride the mountain this weekend. The conditions are expected to remain great all week long. And let's not forget the quality snowmaking Bear Mountain and Snow Summit provide.

For those of you who do not ski or snowboard we have plenty of other activities in the snow including inner tubing, toboggan runs, ziplining, and off-road tours. The fresh layer of snow also means time rent a pair of snowshoes for a trek in the forest. The main thing is snow has arrived, how you play in it is up to you. Make plans to come up and enjoy the white stuff.

"SNOW" excited, how about you?

Daniel Pea