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Tips On Enjoying The Snow During Your Big Bear Trip

Posted: 01/22/16 | By Tina Hauer

Wintertime is a wonderful time to visit Big Bear Lake! Here are some ideas on how to have fun in the snow during your visit to Big Bear Lake this winter.

Wintertime is a wonderful time to visit Big Bear Lake! 'Tis the season - the 2016 season - for snowfall and fun at 7,000 feet! Big Bear Lake is one of Southern California's favorite winter vacation destinations and honestly, do you need a reason to play in snow?

Many people are driving up to Big Bear on the weekends to get out of the city grind and back to nature - as much as 52" has already fallen onto Big Bear Lake's mountain-top community! Plus, we are expecting MORE SNOW as El Niño rolls into town through January and into the rest of the winter so, it's best to be prepared to have fun! Here are some ideas on how to have fun during your visit to Big Bear Lake this winter:

Warm clothes are a must in colder temperatures, especially, for the little ones who will find endless amounts of energy to tumble, slide and run through the white, soft powder. I always suggest you wear layers such as turtlenecks, thermal tops or long sleeved shirts, sweaters or hoodies, jacket and waterproof pants if you want to roll around in the snow - in order to stay warm if it's frosty outside. When preparing for your Big Bear Lake adventure, I strongly suggest you check the weather for possible snowfall in the area - if so, I recommend snow boots and thermal socks for your trip. Gloves are a necessity and so are beanies for that matter!

Snowfall also brings the much needed use of chains. This gear for your vehicle helps you drive safely on the mountain roads and, therefore, makes it a necessity for your safety as well as other mountain travelers. It's the law you carry chains in your car throughout the winter months in the mountain areas, so be sure to buy a pair at your local auto store such as Pep Boys or Auto Zone before traveling. Tip: Practice putting them on in your driveway before reaching any mountain checkpoints. It'll make your trip to the snow much easier on you! Don't forget that there are three ways to drive to and from Big Bear.

Falling snow tends to remind people about the beauty of nature and it can get your (kids and adults) imagination whirling to make anything you want! Snowmen, snow angels, snow castles and other fun creations is just another activity in the numerous fun thrills you can partake in during your visit to Big Bear's wonderland of snow this season.

Speaking of thrills, one of the must-visit-attractions during your trip should be to one of Big Bear's tubing hills such as The Alpine Slide or Big Bear Snowplay - for $30 per person, you'll be able to sled down perfectly groomed snowy hills on an innertube for as long as you like. Forget trudging up steep hillsides or rocky terrain to sled down elsewhere - these snow play areas offer a chair life and "magic carpet" to reach the top. The less time and energy you spend walking up hills, the more time you have to sled! The Alpine Slide is located on 800 Wild Rose Lane and Big Bear Snowplay is located across the street from Motel 6 on 42825 Big Bear Blvd. If you want to stay warm, both locations offer an indoor area where you can purchase fresh hot cocoa and snacks for your whole family.

When one visits Big Bear for snow, there's no denying the lure of the two ski resorts. Snow Summit and Bear Mountain offer skiing and snowboarding for all ages - young, old or in between! Offering full service lifts, restaurants and rental equipment these ski resorts are ready for you to ski or snowboard on a whim on a day trip or a week long getaway. Both resorts make snow during the season with a little help from Big Bear's Lake. Your lift ticket allows you access to both ski resorts for the price of one, making your trip well worth it for the use of both ski resorts. Bear Mountain continues to lure the young adult and teen crowd with their Park including freestyle jumps, a half-pipe and fun features on each run for all levels. Snow Summit has a more concentrated "family" atmosphere, with a top notch restaurant at the top of the resort. New this year: The Grizzly Ridge Tube park, where you can catch a lift to the top, and tube down as fast as you like! Of course, both resorts take reservations, which is also recommended, especially if you are new to skiing or snowboarding and need a lesson. Don't forget, you can relax after a day on the slopes at their bar with a beverage and snacks. Big Bear Mountain Resorts is the perfect place to have fun in the snow!

Finally, if you want to have the ultimate experience, be sure to speak to a local 800-424-4232 for help with Big Bear lodging and tips for your first trip or your fifth!