Three riders enjoy a sunset horseback ride along a Big Bear trail.

Equestrian Campgrounds In Big Bear

Posted: 04/05/19 | By Hannah K

One of the most pleasurable ways to see the San Bernardino National Forest is on horseback. Horseback riding is allowed on all National Forest roads and trails, with some exceptions.

If you don’t necessarily want to trailer your horses up here, but you’d like to get in some awesome Pacific Crest Trail rides, check out Baldwin Lake Stables. The horses are very well kept and they offer guided rides by the hour, half-day or sunset rides.

The Forest Service maintains equestrian campgrounds that are exclusively for horse camping. There are equestrian group camps and equestrian single-site camps. Check out four of our local camps:

Heart Bar Equestrian Group Campground - Hwy 38; 65 guests - 21 cars; $286 per night $296 per night holiday
46 corrals

This equestrian group campground is located in the Heart Bar Campground Complex off of HWY 38. There are 46 corrals and 11 picnic tables. Only campers WITH HORSES are permitted to camp at Heart Bar Equestrian Campground. Amenities include accessible restrooms with flush toilets and showers,one group fire ring and potable water. Firewood is available at Heart Bar Family Campground.

Driving Directions: From I-10 in San Bernardino, take the Alabama exit in the city of Redlands to Lugonia Avenue (State Highway 38). Travel northeast on Highway 38 for approximately 30 miles until you reach Forest Route IN02. Continue less than a mile to the campground.

Wildhorse Equestrian Campground- HWY 38
8 single-family campsites - 8 guests per site - 1 vehicle per site -$31 to $33 per night. 3 double campsites - 16 guests permitted - 2 vehicles per site - $62 to $64 per night Tents or RV camping 30 corrals

This campground accesses the Santa Ana River Trail with several trails in the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area. Facilities include 30 single horse corrals (12x12), 2 flush toilets and showers, water hydrants, picnic tables, fire rings with grates, 1 group fire ring, horseshoe game area, and a horse mounting area for visitors needing assistance. Only campers WITH HORSES are permitted to use these sites.

Driving Directions: From I-10 in Redlands, turn onto State Highway 38 and continue north for approximately 31 miles, to Forest Route 1N02. Turn right and continue less than a mile to the campground.

Big Pine Equestrian Group Campground
25 guest max - 5 vehicle max
$110 per night - $120 per night holiday
Tents or RV camping
4 horse corrals
2019 Open: 4/26 - 10/5

This equestrian group camp is located in a pine forest at an elevation of 6280 ft. Amenities include 5 picnic tables, 2 double pedestal grills, 1 group fire ring, vault toilets, potable water and 4 horse corrals. Availability of water on site is very limited. Please fill up RV's, trailers, etc. before coming to the site.

Driving Directions: Take Highway 330 to Running Springs, then head northeast on Highway 18 to Highway 38. Do not cross the Big Bear Lake Dam. Continue on Highway 38 to Fawnskin. Turn onto Forest Road 3N14 and continue about 6 miles to Forest Road 3N16. Turn left and continue less than a mile, then turn right and continue to the campground.

Green Spot Equestrian Group Camp
25 guest max - 8 vehicle max
$110 per night - $120 per night holiday
5 corrals
2019 Open: 5/10 - 10/19

This equestrian group camp is at the east end of Big Bear Valley at an elevation of 7,224 feet. Water is available for horses, however it is not suitable for human consumption. Trash services are NOT provided, so remember to ‘Pack it in, Pack it out’. Amenities include 4 picnic tables, 1 double pedestal grill, 2 single pedestal grills, 1 group fire ring and vault toilets.

Driving Directions: From the Big Bear Ranger Station, turn left on Highway 38 and proceed 3 miles east to Greenway. Turn right and continue past the airport to the signal at Big Bear Boulevard. Turn right and continue on Highway 38 for almost 4 miles to Forest Route 2N93. Turn right on Forest Route 2N93 and continue a half-mile to the second dirt road on the left (not marked). Proceed up the road about 50 yards to the campground.

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