Couple walking along a trail in the fall

Fall Colors Are Alive And Kicking

Posted: 10/18/10 | By Daniel

The fall colors in Big Bear Lake are alive and bursting with energy! October always fascinates me as the mysterious season of autumn morphs into a spectacular exhibition of beauty.

It was just over a week ago when I could see lush green forests surround the mountain community, but then all of sudden POW right between the eyes a dazzling display of gold, amber, yellow and crimson have popped up all over the place. It's as if a group of elves randomly dumped buckets of bright colored paints throughout the forest.

Right now Mother Nature is flaunting her latest fall fashions, and I must confess she looks more beautiful than ever. The oak trees, poplars, dogwoods, aspens and cottonwoods are rapidly changing colors creating quite an autumn showcase!

It's fair to say Big Bear's fall colors are on the cusp of peaking. It is highly recommended to make a daytrip to Big Bear this week to treat your eyes to absolute pleasure. Of course, you'll want to have a camera ready to capture the blinding brilliance of these autumn hues.

Photographers tend to get a little trigger happy this time of year, but heck that's one of the benefits of having a digital camera. Big Bear provides so many different angles for photography, from distant scenic shots to close-ups. There's something magical about seeing fall's golden leaves blend in with the evergreens. But combine other elements of the mountains such as crystalline blue skies, soft breezes, pine-scented aromas, and melodic singing birds and it practically becomes a state of nirvana.

Right now is the time to come up to get a taste of this eye candy, and the best part about Big Bear is it's just a short drive away to a genuine autumn experience.

Fall in Love with Big Bear,

Daniel Pea