Three friends — one holding a clock and another holding a phone — solve their way out of an escape room in Big Bear Lake, CA

Big Bear Escape Rooms. Can You Escape?

Posted: 01/03/22

Ready, set, escape!

Big Bear features two escape room experiences each with multiple games and unique storylines. Take your imagination - and your friends - on an adventure as you solve your way to freedom together.

What Is An Escape Room?

Escape rooms have gained major popularity over the last decade and are a fun group activity that will test your teamwork and problem-solving skills. The goal isn't only to escape, but to do so within the allotted timeframe, usually an hour or so.

Just what is an escape room? You can think of them as a story come to life, and you're the main character. Your goal is get out of the room by working together with your team to find clues, determine their meaning, and solve your way through a unique mystery.

Though the name 'escape room' may sound daunting, don't worry, these games won't put you in any dangerous situations, it's just a big puzzle room. If you don't solve your way out in time, the game master will just let you out......maybe ;)

Big Bear's Escape Rooms

Mountain Room Escapes

Mountain Room Escapes has two locations in the Valley housing their escape rooms. Depending on the experience you book, you'll be given the corresponding address, so be sure to double check where you should go. Choose from:

  • Escape The Cabin - After hiking in the woods you and your friends find that you're lost. A search for shelter leads to an abandoned cabin and some sought after warmth. But the cabin might not be as deserted as you thought. Can you escape a lonely old miner before he makes you a permanent house guest?
  • The Inventor's Workshop - Take a journey to Moonbeam Hollow, where an evil wizard has cast a spell freezing the town in time. But the Inventor may have a solution! Go to his workshop and finish constructing his machine to restore Moonbeam Hollow to its place in time. But work quickly, as the wizard is on to your plan and won’t sit idly by…
  • Alpine Ski Lodge - Your trip to the Sleepy Forest Alpine Ski Lodge was supposed to be uneventful, but the biggest storm of the century hit just as you arrived! You and the other guests are now trapped in the lodge’s lobby, snowed in and desperate to get out. Will you escape before the cold truly sets in?
  • Golden Key Time Travel Agency - Hunt for clues, solve puzzles, and explore The Village in this scavenger hunt. Golden Key Time Travel Agency is days away from offering their time travel adventure services to the public, but something went wrong, and now you need to figure out what happened to the travelers stuck in time!

Big Bear Escape Room

Big Bear Escape Room features three exciting game options all taking you through unique aspects of Big Bear!

  • Bear Valley Search & Rescue - Your team are the newbies on the Bear Valley Search and Rescue Team. It’s your job to support rescue missions while taking emergency calls and keeping everything in check. Your first day however may prove to be tougher than expected and you may be forced to go beyond your duties to give a helping hand. Your team must stay calm, act fast and remain diligent. Your decisions are the difference between a life saved or a life lost.
  • Holcomb's Lost Gold - It’s 1860 and the legendary William “Grizzly Bill” Holcomb is looking for answers. All the gold nuggets from his latest expedition have been stolen! Without any gold left he isn’t able to fund any more mining ventures. William has hired your gang on a promise, a share of his gold if you can find it and bring it back him. But be wary, this is a lawless pioneer town where cowboys and cowgirls enforce their own set of laws!
  • The Big Bear Asylum - Memories of your night on the town with a friend are fuzzy. You recall hanging out and singing karaoke into the wee hours of the morning. When you wake up, your friend is gone. You received a strange call. The evil Dr. Fawnskin has your friend in an asylum, in line for a lobotomy unless you can pay his ransom! Word is, Dr. Fawnskin isn’t running the most legal asylum in the area. It’s nighttime. At the asylum. Find your friend and get him out before Dr. Fawnskin returns to lock both of you in… forever. Mature Content. Parental Permission Required.

So, take your pick and pick your team and good luck, see you on the other side!

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