Big Bear Lake TBID

Visit Big Bear is funded by a Tourism Business Improvement District.


Tourism Improvement Districts have been in existence since 1989. More than 95 TBIDs currently exist in California. These funds are stable. dedicated funds for destination marketing that allow local businesses to have a greater direct impact on how marketing dollars promoting a destination will be spent.

In a TBID, the district places a assessment on lodging sales. The funding is managed by Visit Big Bear, a 501c6 non-profit entity that reports to an advisory board. Unlike other forms of funding, TBID money cannot be diverted into government programs.

The majority of destinations with a TBID (55%) are similar in size to Big Bear Lake. The landscape for destination marketing is very competitive, and history has shown that if a destination can no longer compete for top-of-mind awareness, the economy of that destination will suffer.

64% of TBIDs are single-city formations. 72% of TBIDs are formed due to a loss of city/county funding or insufficient existing funding to compete with other destinations for visitors.

City of Big Bear Lake's TBID

Developed by the Big Bear Visitors Bureau (the Bureau), the Big Bear Lake Tourism Business Improvement District (BBLTBID) is an assessment district to provide specific benefits to payors, by funding marketing efforts for assessed businesses. This approach has been used successfully in other destination areas throughout the country to provide the benefit of additional room night sales directly to payors.

Location: The proposed BBLTBID includes all lodging and ski resort businesses located within the boundaries of City of Big Bear Lake.

Services: The BBLTBID is designed to provide specific benefits directly to payors by increasing room night and lift ticket sales. Marketing programs will increase overnight tourism and market payors as tourist, meeting and event destinations, thereby increasing room night and lift ticket sales.

Budget: The total BBLTBID annual budget for the initial year of its five (5) year operation is anticipated to be approximately $1,780,000. This budget is expected to fluctuate as room and lift ticket sales do, but is not expected to significantly change over the BBLTBID’s term.

Lodging: The annual assessment rate for lodging businesses is three percent (3%) of gross short-term (stays less than 31 days) room rental revenue. Based on the benefit received, assessments will not be collected on stays of more than thirty (30) consecutive days. Assessments pursuant to the BBLTBID shall not include room rental revenue resulting from stays pursuant to contracts executed prior to April 1, 2016.

Ski Resorts: The annual assessment rate for ski resort businesses is two percent (2%) of lift ticket and annual pass revenue. Lift tickets and annual passes that are valid at multiple ski resorts will be assessed for that portion of the sales price of the lift ticket or annual pass that is attributable to the ski resort(s) within the BBLTBID boundary.

Collection: The City will be responsible for collecting the assessment on a monthly or quarterly basis (including any delinquencies, penalties and interest) from each lodging and ski resort business located in the boundaries of the BBLTBID. The City shall take all reasonable efforts to collect the assessments from each lodging and ski resort business.

Duration: The BBLTBID will has a five (5) year life, ending March 31 2021. Once per year beginning on the anniversary of district formation there is a 30-day period in which owners paying more than fifty percent (50%) of the assessment may protest and initiate a City Council hearing on district termination.

Management: The Bureau will serve as the BBLTBID’s Owners’ Association. The Owners’ Association is charged with managing funds and implementing programs in accordance with the Plan, and must provide annual reports to the City Council.

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